Modular building systems / designs

ModularĀ  building systems / design involves combining standardized building blocks in a variety of ways to create a unique finished product.
In other words, Modular design is a design approach that creates things out of independent parts with standard interfaces. This allows designs to be customized, upgraded, repaired and for parts to be reused. A well know example of module design are LEGO plastic construction toys.

The problem and topic proposal would be to clearly present the barriers and the design limitations placed upon modular building design by the building manufacturing process hampering the Design of Next Generation Modular Space. Ideally, this would lead to future investigations and possible solutions that propose ways to overcome and solve these challenges in the future This particular topic intrigues me because the modular building systems / design spaceĀ  in particular as whole has not adopted new design measure or it is perceived as an industry with lack of innovation and this raises the question of why, or what is holding the industry back. The problem is that industry-wide design limitations and restrictions prohibiting building construction methods or materials are not clearly known to designer, architects or builders.

Having extensive experience in modular building systems and design I understand the challenges presented to designers, architects, contractors or anyone involved in the design of modular buildings. Through exploring these general design challenges it has given me a better understanding of the perceived lack of innovation.

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